We are open to Submissions.

Inklings Press is pleased to announce that it will be opening to submissions for our next anthology, Tales From Alternate Earths volume 3, on February 1.

The theme of this anthology is alternative history. What is that? Take a moment in time and change something, then tell a story in this new and different world. What effect does the change have, what story can this new world reveal?

What kind of stories are we looking for? Well, the best way to judge that is to take a look at our previous alternative history anthologies, both of which are available on Kindle Unlimited and to buy on Amazon. We’ve had stories about nuclear missiles that flew when in our real world they stayed grounded, we’ve had stories of meteors that struck different places, we’ve had stories about empires that took a different course, inventions that changed the world earlier – and even time-travelling space dinosaurs!

We want stories that makes us think, stories that make us laugh, stories that send a shiver down our spines, stories of worlds that might have been.

We welcome submissions from writers of all backgrounds. We are especially interested in seeing more submissions from people of backgrounds that have been historically underrepresented. We want to see all our different worlds.

There is no submission fee, authors never have to pay a penny. If a story is accepted, we are paying $50 to the author. We require exclusive first publication rights, with an exclusivity period of six months. We do not acquire rights for audio or any other format, that’s all yours.

Our first anthology secured a Sidewise Award for author Daniel Bensen, and a nomination for Brent A Harris and Ricardo Victoria.

Check out our previous books at mybook.to/alternateearths2 and mybook.to/alternate.

Submissions should be around the 5,000-word mark, in something close to SHUNN format and should be sent to theinklingspress@gmail.com.

Got questions? Give us a holler at the email address above or on Twitter, where we’re @InklingsPress, or on our Inklings Press page on Facebook.

Submissions close on April 1. We look forward to your stories. 

Send your stories to 

and feel free to ask us questions by email or on Twitter @InklingsPress