We are open to Submissions.

Open Call for Submissions!

Open Call for Short Stories of Alternate History!

Back due popular demand and to commemorate the launch of the first novel of our very own Brent A. Harris, Inklings Press open the gates at Inklings’ Tower once more. Submissions are OPEN for the following:

Title: Tales from Alternate Earths 2

Our 7th installment revisits Tales from Alternate Earths in worlds that could have been. Send us your best alternate history short story, stories that tweak the timeline, step on butterfly wings and create new worlds that just might have become possible. See www.inklingspress.com for full submission details, but generally, we want 3500 words or more, in word doc, and only 1 submission per person, emailed to theinklingspress@gmail.com
Deadline: September 1st!

Submissions have to be sent here:

Please be sure that you read beforehand our terms and conditions, so everything is clear between you and us.

How Inklings Press works (Terms & Conditions).

We are a new imprint,  so it's only fair to tell you how we work.

In previous anthologies, rather than paying a set fee to contributors, we have divided royalties received from sales equally between all contributors. 

From Tales Of Wonder onwards, we are adjusting that formula slightly by giving Inklings Press itself one share, equal to each contributor. So if there are eight stories in the anthology, each contributor will receive 1/9 of the royalties, including the press imprint.

Contributors will receive monthly sales reports and payouts in a similar time frame to those sent out by Amazon.

Inklings Press will promote sales of the anthology through its social media accounts and website, and also in partnership with the Altered Instinct blog, where writers will be encouraged to take part in Q&A sessions and other promotional work to help show the world why they should buy the anthology! We want you to be part of the process of letting the world know about the anthology too - before publishers, we are fans and writers first and foremost. So we only ask one thing from you (besides your story) if you want to pitch in: if your story is included, we want you to help promote the book, be it on Facebook, twitter or your blog, because that means that we can reach more people, your story will be read by more and at the end will help you as well as us to raise our profiles as writers and as a venue to publish your stories.

So what does being a part of the anthology mean to you?

First, you get a part of sales income shared with your fellow writers. We don't pro-rate this according to a number of words written, it's an even split between contributors.

Second, your work is still your work. You grant us license to use it in the anthology during its period of sale for a year. At the end of the year, it is removed from sale. If all authors wish to continue selling the anthology, we discuss that at the end of the year, but it only stays on sale by agreement of all authors. It has to be unanimous. That bit where we said the work remains your work? That also means that by all means, you should feel free to make it available to other outlets. Some of those will say no because it has been published elsewhere, of course, but we don't mind you offering it if they're interested.

Third, we aim to encourage new writers. We're a new platform ourselves, so don't expect millions of sales yet! But we'll happily share all the information we garner ourselves as we establish a foothold in the publishing world, and how we go about doing so. We're like you, new to the game, and looking to give a helping hand.

So hop aboard. Tell us your tales. Make them big. Make them smaller than small. Make them scintillating. Join in the next anthologies with your stories.