Mission Statement

We see us, The Inklings, as a group which aims to inspire, push, and support authors.

Inspire: to overcome the dreaded writer's block, the blank page. To provide a sounding board for ideas and motivate us to keep writing.

Push: to offer critics, revisions and motivate us to keep working within deadlines, which are often the bane of any writer.

Support: during the writing, which is the toughest stage and celebrate their sucess post publication, providing a friendly platform. 

Nurture: because every writer needs sometimes help, guidance or even someone to talk with (and even fight a bit) and nurture those ideas seeds. And what better way to do so than with friends that have been or are at the same stage.

About Us

Courtesy of the personal collection of Ricardo Victoria Uribe

Who are we 

We are a group of friends that share a love for many interests, be it comics, rpg's, anime, fantasy, science fiction, mystery, alternative history, wargames and literature. But above all we are a group of like minded friends that decided to create our own e-publisher in order to provide us with an outlet for our stories, novels, anthology and blog/ezine projects related to those interest. Working as a team we hope to create and share good quality work with our readers.

Our purpose is to provide a new offer when it comes to fantasy, science fiction, mystery  & alternative history tales.

We are still building up the content, but he hope that when it is ready, it will be to your liking.

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it” 
― Gautama Buddha

“The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp.” 
― Terry Pratchett

What will you find here

In this website you will find links to our:

  • Anthologies with brief description of their content and links to their epub format at Amazon.
  • Blog: Altered Instinct (maintained mainly by Leo McBride as it was his personal blog before all of this started), which we hope will grow to be an ezine). Here we put our thoughts of diverse topics such as tv shows, movies, books, games, roleplaying & the process of writing. 

And of course you can follow us at our Twitter and Facebook pages where we will update on our progress.

How all started

Everything started with a rejection letter. Yeah, we know, that is a writer's cliche by now. But that doesn't make it any less true.

This all started when three friends from different countries (who met at a Heroclix Tournament at Loughborough University back in 2006) were trying to become published writers and chatted back and forward bouncing ideas and reviewing our texts. Then in 2014, one of us sent a short horror story to a Lovecraft ezine and got rejected. After venting the sorrow and reviewing the story (and drinks in the case of two of the three amigos), the talk evolved into self publishing and then into creating an e-publisher to help us share our worlds with you, our readers. So here we are, a group of friends, fans and aspiring writers trying to carve a niche for our stories with Inklings Press.

Why Inklings Press? Because that's the name of a famous writers club from Oxford University which had as purpose to bounce ideas and reviewing their texts. You might know two of its more prominent members as the fellows that created The Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia.

They are our inspiration, we are our writing club, you are our travelling companions into our imaginary worlds. We hope that you enjoy the ride.